Day 01 was a very unfortunate day at Rajahmundry. 27 lost their lives in a stampede. The Chief Minister became very sad and distressed. However, he recovered quickly and rushed to the police control room. He monitored the efforts and quickly restored normalcy at the event.

Then he visited the government hospital, met all the people who were injured and offered all possible assistance to them for their quick recovery. He visited the mortuary, offered condolences and support to the families in grief. He announced an ex-gratia of Rs. 10 Lacs for the families of the dead. After midnight, he went around all the Ghats and spoke to the Pilgrims.

He spent a lot of time in the police control room and constantly monitored the situation. He assigned an incharge officer to every ghat and ordered them to be in teleconference with him twice a day – morning and evening. In the evening, after the completion of the event for the day, all the incharge officers will meet the chief minister for a review meeting.

The police force is now augmented by over 30 companies of CRPF,ITBP and Andhra Pradesh Special Police. Almost all the senior police officers are now stationed in Rajahmundry, each one looking after one aspect of the plan.

On Day 1, the event witnessed over 24 lakh pilgrims. On Day 02, similar numbers have visited Godavari river. Now the pilgrims have the facility to get information and guidance from a Whatsapp number – +91 949.123.5816.

Feedback is sourced regularly from the pilgrims through IVRS, Survey and Random Calling to the pilgrims who visited the event. The government collected feedback in real time on the water supply, food availability and the facilities at every ghat. Short fall in the supplies are addressed in minutes without any lag. The government also collected feedback on the courtesy and the behavior of the officers towards the people.

The Chief Minister has also asked the officials to provide information about traffic and crowd alerts on Whatsapp, so people would know in advance which ghats to visit and which ghats to avoid.

Now the situation is under control, all the ghats have become peaceful. All the facilities and courtesies were extended to the pilgrims.

Day 02 was a successful, incident-free and a peaceful experience to the pilgrims.