Choultries are used as shelters not only for pilgrims but also for the staff of the Department who are drafted for Godavari Maha Pushkaram 2015 duty. They are also used as monitoring stations and venues for rituals.

The choultries located near the pilgrim centres on the banks of River Godavari which are used for performing rituals during the entire year by the public. The premises of a choultry is also used for preparation of prasadams and Annadanam. Below are the Choultries made ready for Godavari Maha Pushkaram 2015.

East Godavari District

  1. PMK Choultry, Rajahmundry
  2. Kambam vari choultry, Rajahmundry
  3. Sri Nalam vari choultry, Rajahmundry
  4. Sri Nagavarapu Butchi Abbayigari Choultry, Rajahmundry
  5. Sri Chanda Satram, Rajahmundry West Godavari District

West Godavari District

  1. Sri Nulu Venkataratnam Choultry, Kovvur
  2. Sri T.V.S Choultry, Siddantham
  3. Sri Rudra Raju Venkata Raju Choultry, E-Koduru